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still life with hello  
11:58pm 10/09/2012
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05:09pm 07/09/2012
Luna in a spot of sunshine 

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05:48pm 06/09/2012
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x4 Dipsea  
09:29am 28/11/2010
Yesterday I ran the Quadruple Dipsea! The course is 28.4 miles long with over 9200 feet of climbing. Ultrarunning.com described the race as a “slippery quagmire”. I finished in 7:4?:?? something. I’ll have to wait till the official times are posted. This it the first ultramaration I have completed. Two miles over a regular marathon distance (26.2) is not much in the world of ultras but this is my first and the 9200 feet of elevation change makes this a respected race in the ultra running community. The Dipsea race is billed as oldest trail race in America and I ran it 4 times nonstop.

Caren Spore Breaks Course Record at Quad Dipsea
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05:38pm 18/11/2010

I’m taking myself to see Mummenschanz! Ever since I watched them on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show I have wanted to see them live. At the end of the month I get to see them at Zellerbach Hall.

About ten years ago I had ticks to see them but had to do mandatory overtime and missed the show. All I got was a t-shirt.

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Faster than myself!  
04:38pm 25/07/2010

This morning I ran the San Francisco Marathon in 4:59:55. This is my best marathon time so far, taking 40 min off my last marathon in Sacramento.

Full Marathon
Runner DetailsRace Results
Name:Glenn Garces
Hometown:Santa Rosa, CA
Overall:4402 out of 5950
Men:3057 out of 3898
M 40-44:475 out of 588
Age/Grade:42.68% Place: 4905
Finish:4:59:55 Pace: 11:27
Tag Time:4:59:55
Gun Time:5:23:18
Split Times
7.6 M:1:18:28 Pace: 10:20
Half:2:17:52 Pace: 10:31
20 M:3:42:24 Pace: 11:08

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. . . oh ya  
09:52am 08/07/2010


running the San Francisco Marathon on July 25th. My personal goal is to complete 26.2 miles in 4 hours. This might be my last big city marathon because I don’t like running with hundreds of other peoples, crowds freak me out. I’m training for longer distances and smaller events.

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09:38am 08/07/2010

We have to move again very soon. Our landlord is moving in and we are on a month to month lease that he is not renewing. The plan is to find a place to rent as close to San Francisco within our budget. We have to be out of this house by August 10th.

This is a copy of the add Caryn has up on craigslist.org


My name is Caryn and my fiancé Glenn and I are looking for a new place to rent in either the
EastBay or on the Peninsula. Just to tell you a little about us, we are in our early 40s and are both in health care. Glenn works as a nurse’s aid at UCSF, and I am a nurse who is working on her master’s to become a certified nurse midwife (almost done). We are quiet and non-smokers, and we have pets.

Our current landlord has agreed to be a reference for me to help me state that our animals are well behaved, quiet, non-destructive, and “potty-trained” (no accidents). We have four cats and two dogs, ranging in age from
6 to 13 years, and the cats only scratch their scratching posts. We have a good vacuum to get rid of the hair, and working in health care means we have learned to keep things with the pets under control. We are looking for someplace with a fenced yard for the dogs. More about the dogs: Chevy is a male Corgi-mix, about 24 pounds, and Marilyn is a female Chihuahua-mix, about 21 pounds.

We are looking to spend about $1500/month, but are flexible on this. We are currently renting a house that is approximately 1500 sq ft, and would like our new home to be about the same, but, again, we are flexible. We would like to move in on Sunday August 8th. We prefer a garage, but it is not 100% necessary.

If you think you can help us, please send me an email stating:
Square feet, or approximate if you are not sure
City with address or cross streets
Monthly rent
Availability of a fenced yard
Availability of a garage, please state how many cars.
If a move-in date of August 8th is agreeable to you
Minimum lease length (i.e., month-to month, 6 months, 1 year)

Thank you,

~ Caryn

Move Confrontation in Philadelphia  1 of 8

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Born to Run  
01:44pm 15/02/2010
My run calendar for 2010-

Oakland Half Marathon (13.1 miles) Sunday March 28

San Francisco Marathon (26.2 miles) Sunday July 25

Dick Collins Firetrails 50 (50 miles) Saturday October 9

I have registered for the for the above races and now I am building up to the 50 miles in October but that’s only in preparation for a 100 and/or and 24 hour race in 2011, got to keep looking ahead
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In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway american dream  
05:15pm 06/12/2009

27th Annual CIM • Sunday • 7 a.m. • December 6, 2009 • Folsom to the State Capitol, Sacramento

Today I ran the California International Marathon! I took 2 hours off my time from my first marathon. I went out too fast in the first half of the run then had to slow down. By the last 4 miles I was alternating between jogging and walking. My time was 5hr:43mi:37sec. That is not a good for time for my age group but its my new PR (Personal Record)

Next up The 2010 San Francisco Marathon: July 25, 201. Who’s with me?
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BIRTH a play by Karen Brody  
12:50pm 02/10/2009
This is a "Vagina Monologues style" play on birth. It's well written and will be a powerful performance. We have 4 performances:

Thurs Oct 8, 7pm
Student Night w/ Talk Back Panel

Fri Oct 9 7pm
Talk Back Panel

Sat Oct 10, 7pm
Doors open at 6, Silent Auction, Wine and Hors d'oeuvres

Sun Oct 11, 2pm

Tix avail at: www.brownpapertickets.com

More info:
www.boldaction.com at Glaser Center, Santa Rosa, CA

Birth is a play based on over one hundred interviews Karen Brody conducted with mothers across America who gave birth between 2000-2004. It tells the true stories of 8 women painting a portrait of how low-risk, educated women are giving birth in America today.

Directed by Frankie Travis

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ArtCar Fest 2009  
12:41am 02/10/2009

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Art Car Central  
09:49pm 09/09/2009
kinetosis is now on Art Car Central

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It's Been a Long, Long Time  
12:18am 26/08/2009
Last Friday I rode into San Francisco. Right before the Waldo Tunnel traffic started to crawl so I started lane splitting legally for the first time in four years. There was one motorcycle ahead of me leading the way for a pack of five or six including me. We sailed over the Golden Gate Bridge till the tollbooths then went off in different directions. It was a thing of beauty except for the jerks that tried to squeeze us out by driving too close to a bunch of motorcycles riding down the middle of the of the lanes, perfectly legal!

Last night after rehearsal I rode home from Sebastopol in thick fog. I can’t remember the last time I was in fog so thick it. I could actually see the aerodynamics of my motorcycle. Little eddies of fog swirling about my fairings, illuminated by oncoming traffic. I did not mind the cold air; I was enjoying the ride too much. I am getting into a Santa Rosa, North Bay, and Bay Area grove but feel guilty about it.

I feel bad for Caryn because she is working so hard on her masters while I go swim laps at the pool, bike on the trails around the city and go for runs in the state park full of deer, turkey and mountain lions. We did get to go out together on her birthday and went bar hoping downtown but right now who knows when she will be home because she is attending to someone’s labor.

* YAY, I hear the garage door opening, she’s home!*
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The Crush Is ON!  
05:03pm 15/08/2009

Last Friday/ Saturday I was driving home from Sacramento around 1am. I was driving in Napa and Sonoma counties and spotted a tractor moving around a vineyard. I thought I was hallucinating; vintners don’t work in the middle of the night. Apparently I was mistaken.
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FAME! I want to live forever...  
12:31am 15/08/2009
I some how became Stage Manager for the 2009, Santa Rosa production of BIRTH a play by Karen Brody. The play has been produced independently in cities all over the world. The Director of the Santa Rosa play is Frankie Travis! She is a Doula, she directs, teaches acting, is an actress and dancer.

BIRTH the play by Karen Brody

Dates From October 08, 2009 7:00 PM
Through October 11, 2009 2:00 PM

Glaser Center
547 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA, CA 95403

Price $5.00 - $15.00

Info Line 707 5391544
Website http://www.boldaction.org/
BOLD performance in Chicago, Illinois, September 2007.
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The Wizard of Waukesha  
08:46pm 13/08/2009
I could have seen Les Paul do his weekly show when I live in New York City from 1987 to 1991 when I was in college but no I never did back then. Last year we visited NYC and I had to go see Les’ show. He was rocking till the very end
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kinetosis kar  
10:41pm 12/08/2009
kinetosis is now on FaceBook!

Just do a FaceBook search for Kinetosis Kar, and me
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Sacramento artcar happening  
01:03am 07/08/2009
kinetosis will be in Sacramento this weekend!

Friday- hanging out at the dive-in theater around 8pm, not sure what movie, but 15 to 20 artcars, kind of hard to miss.

Saturday- second Saturday Artwalk, art cars will be parked in front of Sub Q Body Piercing. Artcars should be in place by 6pm
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In good company  
12:38am 07/08/2009
Charlize Theron
David Duchovney
Garrison Keillor

All born today!!! I share the day with some cool people. The best is I share it with Jo "Boobs" Weldon!

not work safeCollapse )
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Living in a sea of boxes  
09:22am 10/07/2009
Its been a week since we got to Santa Rosa. The trailer was unloaded on Monday. In transit some furniture got gouged up, a glass lamp shade broke and we lost one small dish. Now if we have a dinner party over 7 people someone will have to have the odd plate and sit in a srached up chair.

We have been making lots of trips to Home Depot and other shops to fix this place up. The previous renters did not take care of the place and we have been calling the landlord as we find things that need fixing.

The two car garage is full of stuff but it just has to be organized then we can get both cars in with room for my motorcycle. A few more days of hard work and we will have this place in order
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Rock’n’Roll Moveout  
11:16am 29/06/2009
99.8% of our worldly positions are sitting in an ABF trailer in front of the house. Yesterday the moving crew we hired was very musical. One of the movers was a former member of Creed and another was in Flock of Seagulls!

The only things left in the house are small things that will go the cars. I am exhausted from the load out and still recovering from the marathon.

Saturday I ran, walk, shuffled and limped 26.2 miles in 103F for over 7.5 hours but I finished one of the most extreme marathons out there.

This evening we are having a going away diner with friends
Tuesday going away dinner with family
Super early Wednesday, drive back to the Bay Area, back to places we miss and people we love
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1st 26.2  
08:13am 27/06/2009
In August I turn 40. I already ride a motorcycle and flight school is out or my price range at this time so I am taking up marathon running as my mid life distraction. My long term goal is working up to Olympic distance triathlons. At this time I have no interest in an Ironman distance triathlon.

So, for my first marathon I picked Running with the Devil Marathon today around Lake Mead. It’s going to be hot! But if I can do this I can do any marathon. My start time will be at10am, I'll be running in the mid day sun, YEA!!!

Boulder City Weather

Today: Sunny. High 104F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

30.02 in and rising
10 mi
S 6 mph
5:25 am
8:01 pm

Runner’s World Magazine blurb on the run- http://calicoracing.squarespace.com/storage/Runners%20World%20Devil%20Article%20June%202009.pdf
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U.M.C. - T.I.C.U.  
04:48am 25/06/2009

same bld, photo from someones blogCollapse )

Last night was my final sift at University Medical Center, Las Vegas in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU). I was part of a very small group of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) that could say they have worked in Nevada’s only Level I Trauma Center. I learned so much in the 11 months I was working per diem. Every shift I was exposed to enormous volumes of information, range of emotions and challenges to my interpersonal skills. I have laughed at coworker’s jokes while I was doing chest compressions and felt my eyes well up when I see how easily life slips away. To say I have grown from my time in the TICU is an understatement. I will miss the team I worked with very much.
music: Rupa & The April Fishes – Wishful Thinking
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Desert Landscape  
04:15am 21/06/2009
Flowering cactus in front yard
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Goodbye Liaz  
03:42am 20/06/2009

On Wednesday I attended the funeral of my friend and coworker Liza.  She was one of the most loved nurses in the unit I worked at.  I worked with her closely on my last day at Summerlin Hospital.  Last Friday I stated to get calls from the unit that she pasted away and to call back.  I thought the call was a joke till I got more calls.  Liza was a great person to work with, always in a good mood and singing along with the radio when we where sitting around the nurses station charting.  Her parents just happen to be visiting from the Philippines and staying at her house till there visa expires.  Her mother checked on her because Liza should have been up getting ready for work. Her mother found Liza unresponsive and called 911. Her house was within walking distance from Summerlin Hospital so Liza was taken to our Emergency Department.  The E.D. was unable to resuscitate her, did not give my unit any information or allow us to view the body before the mortuary picked her up.  It was difficult for me to accept that such a wonderful lively person was gone till I went to the viewing and looked at her lifeless face.  I hope someday I can be half the nurse Liza was; she was one of the best

Liza's obit- www.legacy.com/obituaries/lvrj/obituary.aspx


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03:56am 10/06/2009

My Nurse Assistant Certification came in the mail the other day! I am now officially certified by the state of California to wipe ass and clean viginas. My CA certification is just a cheap paper card from the Department of Public Health. My card from Nevada State Nursing Board is nicer and looks like an ATM card.


Cert Number: CNA 007XXXXX
Effective Date: 2009-05-28
Expiration Date: 2011-08-07





Time for house hunting and job searchin'...


music: Samara Lubelski - Fired To
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Burlesque Hall of Fame 2009  
03:47am 09/06/2009
The past four days I was stagehand for all the shows at the annual Miss Exotic World Pageant. A little heavy lifting and broom pushing got me backstage rubbing elbows with the world’s best burlesque dancers. This year the producers made a big deal of giving the volunteers recognition for all our efforts. All the volunteers got many thanks from the audience, dancers and staff. This was the 5th year of volunteering for b_d_s_monkey and the 4th year for me. By now, we get a lot of "I remember you from last year/s." from dancers from all over the county and world.

Among the thanks and pats on the back, I got some great complements. Considering the sources of these remarks are professional burlesque dancers I more than graciously accepted there remarks.

Dr. LukkI said she liked my makeup

Foxy Tann said I have nice eyes

• Miss Exotic World 2006 Julie Atlas Muz told me TWICE I have nice lips, so I reaplied more lipstick and gave her a kiss

Reminder to myself- once we get setup in California, contact Joyce “Comrade” Tang, Stage Manager of the Hubba Hubba Revue, she wants me to be a stage hand

Winner of the Miss Exotic World 2009 Kalani KoKonutsBIG nOt Work Safe PhotoCollapse )

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Take this job and shove it  
10:34am 30/05/2009

Bed pans, changing dippers and wiping ass. Oh my!


Tonight is the last night I work at Summerlin Hospital. I gave my two week notice last week but next week I have scheduled time off because I’m a volunteer stagehand for the big burlesque weekend.  I have worked the past three years in the Rehabilitation Unit. Physical Rehab not drugs. Rehab clients are not any harder or difficult than other patients they just have different needs.  I am ready for a break from providing those basic needs for other people.  I am just a little burned out working at a for profit hospital and the profits first not the patient mentality.  Ready for something different when we move back to CA.

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01:26pm 27/05/2009




This morning I drove down to Needles, CA to get Live Scanned (finger printed). It was a choice of driving to Barstow the arm pit of California or Needles the taint of the state. I arrived almost two hours early for my scheduled appointment at the Sheriffs station so I drove around a bit. It must have been laundry day because most of the pedestrians I came across had large trash bags full of stuff slung over there shoulders. A good number of houses had junked cars out on the front “lawn”. Lots of commercial buildings where boarded up.  It was not so much a scary place it was just sad seeing such tremendous poverty and not much future or growth for the citizens of the perineum of the GoldenState


I’m very bias towards urban living but I still have dreams of having a large property some place up in the Sierras will enough land to long range target shoot rifles off the back porch, have bonfires, farm Christmas trees and mine for gold.  


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Development of an art car  
04:35am 21/05/2009

Life is too short to drive a mundane car.

So I have been getting some fresh paint on my car. I’m kind of intimidated that my little car will soon be sharing Bay Area roads with some of the most famous artcars and infamous mutant vehicles out there. I’ll be working hard on her till the end of June to get her ready for her San Francisco début. Then, is summer I hope I’ll have the time to make improvements and modification before the www.howberkeley.com parade.

Amused? If you like what you see add kinetosis


music: Yael Naim - New Soul
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Home Coming *dances*  
04:58am 18/05/2009



Caryn and I are coming home soon!


Home for us is the San Francisco Bay Area. Around the first of July we will be driving out of the desert, across the central valley and head for the North Bay. Caryn will be completing the clinical portion of her schooling in Santa Rosa for 4 ~ 6 moths. So we are looking for a place on the east side of Santa Rosa close to the clinic we will be interning at.


If anyone knows of a pet friendly, short term, house that is available for rent in Santa Rosa, CA hook us up. We posted a Craig’s List add but no luck yet- 

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…and I am back  
04:37am 18/05/2009


I deleted my MySpace account. I prefer blog oriented social networking versus social networking for the sake of eating up bandwidth. So on with it…

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17th Annual Ride to Work Day  
03:23pm 15/07/2008
16th Annual Ride To Work Day

Ride your motorcycle or scooter on this day to demonstrate:

  • The number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians.
  • That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life.
  • That motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion in large cities.
  • That motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation.
  • That motorcycling is a social good.

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6/15/2008, Sunday, Mt. Charleston P.M.  
05:57pm 15/06/2008
Who is up for evening ride to Mt Charleston starting from south side with a pick up point on the north side?

For the South Side folk’s-
Meet- 8:00pm
Ride Out- 8:30pm

In-N-Out next to Shell, cross street Serene Ave
9230 S. Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Next we pick up the North Side people at-

Arrive- 9ish
Ride Out- shortly after arriving

ARCO, cross street Craig Rd
4401 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Then we ride up Kyle Canyon Rd, cross over Deer Creek Hwy and take Lee Canyon to the end/ turnaround. Hang out till? Ride back to the 95, once we get back into town everyone can split off. If you run late at the meet up spots you can find everyone at the end of Lee Canyon Rd.

After this I am headed to the Art Bar for Black List a monthly industrial/goth club if anyone wants to ride along.

Map- http://tinyurl.com/3vbpqk
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took some before pics  
07:34pm 28/05/2008
I took some before pics. I will be doing some painting to night and will post after pics soon.I have to get back to work on kinetosis

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lap around Las Vegas Valley, Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 10pm  
10:39am 25/05/2008
What: One nonstop loop around the Las Vegas Valley

When: Tuesday, May 27, 2008, Meet- 10:00 p.m. (2200 hours) Ride Out- 10:30 (2230 hours) riding time estimate- 2 hours, 83 miles

Where: Meet up location, start/end point, Starbucks, 8975 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, between Pebble Rd and the I-215, next to Las Vegas Athletic Club, ride to Lake Mead National Park, North Las Vegas, and around the 215, stopping only for traffic lights, no rest stops or gas stops till after returning to the start/end point MAP- http://tinyurl.com/6x4wnn

Who: Riders who are comfortable traveling on a variety of public roads from highways, National Park roads, and industrial side streets. All types of motorcycles welcome

How: Safe and sane cruise suitable for most riders. A “close approximation “of the posted speed limits will be maintained to accommodate newbies, avoid speeding tickets or accumulating points on Drivers licenses.

Go on this ride to develop group, night, and general motorcycle skills. Orient yourself to the highways and byways of Las Vegas. Bruce built it; we should ride it. To say you have done it.

There are gas stations on Eastern and Serene, south side of the 215, two blocks south of the Starbucks on Eastern. The café is open 24 hours, is the start/end point. This is a nonstop ride with no breaks for food, gas, or bathrooms. If you have to leave the group for a non-emergency give us the thumbs up, so we know you are alright. Traffic laws, stop signs, and red lights will be obeyed. Traffic rules will be the only reason to stop till we return to the Starbucks. Please look over the map carefully, especially all the turns in the North Las Vegas area.
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Full Moon Ride  
04:00am 22/05/2008
Full moon ride across the Joshua Tree Highway with Aaron, Roo and Panther.

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Midnight Moonlight Motorcycle Meander  
03:02am 19/05/2008
Tuesday, May 20, 11:45pm

Meet at the Paradise Shell, 500 Conestoga Way, Henderson, NV 89002 off the I-515/ US-93/ US-95

Ride out at 12:00am

Midnight motorcycle ride, enjoy the full moon. Starting on the south east side of Henderson, down to Searchlight with a possible stop for gas or a stretch if anyone needs to, then across the Joshua Tree Highway (NV-164) to the Wagonmaster Coffee Shop in Buffalo Bill’s Casino for some food. From Buffalo Bill’s on Interstate 15 all the way or at Jean take Las Vegas Blvd back into town.

Map- http://tinyurl.com/52mjxo

Cross posted to…

LiveJournal, Las Vegas Community- http://community.livejournal.com/lasvegas/

Las Vegas Craigslist, Activity Partners- http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/act/

Sin City Sportbikes- http://www.scsportbikes.com/motorcycle-rides-trips/

North Las Vegas Sport Riders- http://sportbikes.meetup.com/230/

Las Vegas Motorcycle Riders- http://cruiserbike.meetup.com/47/
music: Focus by Negative Format
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