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…and I am back  
04:37am 18/05/2009


I deleted my MySpace account. I prefer blog oriented social networking versus social networking for the sake of eating up bandwidth. So on with it…

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(no subject)
10:50pm 18/05/2009 (UTC)
Fabulous Raye
I*'m glad to see you on here! I've been wondering how you've been.
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What's UP?!
11:01pm 18/05/2009 (UTC)
Thanks for the nudge awhile back.
I have a lot of caching up to do. How are the culinary arts treating you?
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Re: What's UP?!
06:44pm 20/05/2009 (UTC)
Fabulous Raye: bill n ted
Back when we first "met" you used to post a lot. I tend to get worried when one of my friends hasn't posted in awhile.

How the devil have you been? What have you been up to?

Ohhh, I'm kinda done with the culinary industry. My last job really soured me on it. I'd consider being a baker or finding some small creative retaurant. Right now, I'm really angry and bitter.

I went to bartending school in the winter. That was super fun. I'm trying to find a nice hole in the wall bar to work at.
picword: bill n ted
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Re: What's UP?!
02:10am 21/05/2009 (UTC)
A little over 4 years ago I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my Fiancée; we went on a trip to meet my parents and maternal grandmother living in the suburbs of Las Vegas, NV. During that visit my grandmother got sick and we had to return home as my grandmother sat in the Emergency Department waiting room of the hospital. My parents had an investment property that was not being rented out so we decide to move into it to be close to my family and help out because my grandmother did not have much time left. My grandmother passed on a couple of months after we moved out to Nevada and I am so glad to have been there as she took her last breath.

Time has passed and we are ready to move on. Caryn’s clinical internship is in Santa Rosa, CA and she will soon complete her double Masters Degree in Nurse Midwifery, Nurse Practitioner this is the catalyst to get us back to the Bay Area. I have been going to school part time taking prerequisite classes to get into nursing school. Some day I will get into a nursing school program but for now I am working as a Certified Nursing Assistant/Aid. I plan on doing the same work and continuing with prerequisites if I can handle the schedule once we are in CA.

In other news, I am working on a new artcar, add kinetosis
I think you will enjoy the existence of such an absurdly panted vehicle.
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Re: What's UP?!
12:05am 23/05/2009 (UTC)
Fabulous Raye
Hmm, I feel like I should have already known this. I was without a computer for a couple years, so I think missed out on a lot of what people were up to.

I'm sorry about your grandma. It's nice that you were able to be with her.

I'm pretty impressed with you and Caryn's education. That's really fabulous! It sounds like you both are ridiculously busy.

I do like your absurd vehicle. Art cars fascinate me to no end. I wish people in Ohio would have them.
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