Glenn (glembe) wrote,





This morning I drove down to Needles, CA to get Live Scanned (finger printed). It was a choice of driving to Barstow the arm pit of California or Needles the taint of the state. I arrived almost two hours early for my scheduled appointment at the Sheriffs station so I drove around a bit. It must have been laundry day because most of the pedestrians I came across had large trash bags full of stuff slung over there shoulders. A good number of houses had junked cars out on the front “lawn”. Lots of commercial buildings where boarded up.  It was not so much a scary place it was just sad seeing such tremendous poverty and not much future or growth for the citizens of the perineum of the GoldenState


I’m very bias towards urban living but I still have dreams of having a large property some place up in the Sierras will enough land to long range target shoot rifles off the back porch, have bonfires, farm Christmas trees and mine for gold.  



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