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Burlesque Hall of Fame 2009  
03:47am 09/06/2009
The past four days I was stagehand for all the shows at the annual Miss Exotic World Pageant. A little heavy lifting and broom pushing got me backstage rubbing elbows with the world’s best burlesque dancers. This year the producers made a big deal of giving the volunteers recognition for all our efforts. All the volunteers got many thanks from the audience, dancers and staff. This was the 5th year of volunteering for b_d_s_monkey and the 4th year for me. By now, we get a lot of "I remember you from last year/s." from dancers from all over the county and world.

Among the thanks and pats on the back, I got some great complements. Considering the sources of these remarks are professional burlesque dancers I more than graciously accepted there remarks.

Dr. LukkI said she liked my makeup

Foxy Tann said I have nice eyes

• Miss Exotic World 2006 Julie Atlas Muz told me TWICE I have nice lips, so I reaplied more lipstick and gave her a kiss

Reminder to myself- once we get setup in California, contact Joyce “Comrade” Tang, Stage Manager of the Hubba Hubba Revue, she wants me to be a stage hand

Winner of the Miss Exotic World 2009 Kalani KoKonuts

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01:52pm 09/06/2009 (UTC)
Fabulous Raye
Mr. Glenn, your pics aren't showing up =(
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11:12am 10/06/2009 (UTC)
Oh my, my html code was hanging out and everything

I think I fixed it all now
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08:06pm 12/06/2009 (UTC)
Fabulous Raye: all over my face
Yay! Those are marvelous pictures. That had to be lots of fun.
picword: all over my face
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