Glenn (glembe) wrote,

Goodbye Liaz

On Wednesday I attended the funeral of my friend and coworker Liza.  She was one of the most loved nurses in the unit I worked at.  I worked with her closely on my last day at Summerlin Hospital.  Last Friday I stated to get calls from the unit that she pasted away and to call back.  I thought the call was a joke till I got more calls.  Liza was a great person to work with, always in a good mood and singing along with the radio when we where sitting around the nurses station charting.  Her parents just happen to be visiting from the Philippines and staying at her house till there visa expires.  Her mother checked on her because Liza should have been up getting ready for work. Her mother found Liza unresponsive and called 911. Her house was within walking distance from Summerlin Hospital so Liza was taken to our Emergency Department.  The E.D. was unable to resuscitate her, did not give my unit any information or allow us to view the body before the mortuary picked her up.  It was difficult for me to accept that such a wonderful lively person was gone till I went to the viewing and looked at her lifeless face.  I hope someday I can be half the nurse Liza was; she was one of the best

Liza's obit-



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