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Rock’n’Roll Moveout  
11:16am 29/06/2009
99.8% of our worldly positions are sitting in an ABF trailer in front of the house. Yesterday the moving crew we hired was very musical. One of the movers was a former member of Creed and another was in Flock of Seagulls!

The only things left in the house are small things that will go the cars. I am exhausted from the load out and still recovering from the marathon.

Saturday I ran, walk, shuffled and limped 26.2 miles in 103F for over 7.5 hours but I finished one of the most extreme marathons out there.

This evening we are having a going away diner with friends
Tuesday going away dinner with family
Super early Wednesday, drive back to the Bay Area, back to places we miss and people we love
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07:55pm 29/06/2009 (UTC)
There's a thunder in my heart...
I'm excited you guys will be back!!!
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