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x4 Dipsea  
09:29am 28/11/2010
Yesterday I ran the Quadruple Dipsea! The course is 28.4 miles long with over 9200 feet of climbing. Ultrarunning.com described the race as a “slippery quagmire”. I finished in 7:4?:?? something. I’ll have to wait till the official times are posted. This it the first ultramaration I have completed. Two miles over a regular marathon distance (26.2) is not much in the world of ultras but this is my first and the 9200 feet of elevation change makes this a respected race in the ultra running community. The Dipsea race is billed as oldest trail race in America and I ran it 4 times nonstop.

Caren Spore Breaks Course Record at Quad Dipsea
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01:10am 14/04/2011 (UTC)
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